Tom yung kung. This restaurant was located next door to the hotel. The food was very nice, staff were very nice and most importantly it was very cheap 550 bah (approx £10 for two main meals, one beer and one cocktail) 8/10

Lucky beer. This was located on koh San road. We had breakfast here and food was very nice and very cheap 290 bah (approx £4 for 2 breakfasts and 2 apple juice) 9/10

Coffee cafe. This was located on the road in which the entrance to Buddy Boutique hotel is. Good food and drinks and again very cheap 400 bah (approx £8 for club sandwich and roast chicken and noodle dish and lemon juice and strawberry and banana shake) 7/10

Street food. We tried a number of food stands on koh San road which were very nice for a quick cheap noodle, veg, meat snack 80 bah (approx £1.30) 7/10




Chang Mai

We originally planned to spend 3 nights here however stayed for 5. The food was very nice we tasted food from the hotel, street and restaurant!

We went to a lovely restaurant for Lorna’s birth ‘Centara’ which was fantastic and 5 minute walk from the main walking street.

Lorna’s favourite decorated restaurant so far has been ‘red chilli’ (picture with red swinging chair) which is situated in the old city a five minute walk from the north gate! It was delicious food, good variety and reasonably priced.











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