Buddy Boutique. This hotel was located on the road of the main tourist strip koh San road. The bedroom was of a good size and clean, bathroom was good size and clean. The only issue was that there was no window so got a little humid Staff were very friendly and helpful and spoke relatively good English. I would recommend this hotel. 7/10


Chiang Mai

Chiang Thai House
This hotel was located about a 5 minute walk to the old city and a 10 minute walk from the night bazaar. The bedroom was very big and had a small balcony as well as a big clean bathroom. We had breakfast included in the morning time and there was a good selection of foods from cereal/toast/eggs etc to traditional thai breakfast of noodles! Cost per night was 1500 baht per night which is more expensive however we found it to e very nice and would recommend a stay there!! 8.5/10

We stayed in a little bamboo hut approx 20 minute walk from the main walking street in Pai. The bamboo hut was quite small with some cobwebs however it was a small family run business and the staff were more than accommodating! We paid approx 600 baht per night which was relatively cheap.







Chaipoon inn

This accommodation was approx 1km (15 min walk) from the main pattaya beach strip. We paid approx 750 baht per night (approx £15). We stayed for 2 nights. It was located at the top end (quieter end) of a busy street. The staff were very helpful and had reasonably good English (main receptionist was a ladyboy). The room, bed and bathroom were big and clean and air conditioning was very good (quiet and effective). Overall a decent stay! 7/10



Loma house spa an resort. This has been our best stat so far. We paid only 850 baht (approx £17) a night, including a breakfast. It was located in a smaller town north of pattaya called nakula. It was much quieter and relaxed. It was located approx 1km from a smaller secluded beach (nakula beach). On arrival we received a complimentary glass of orange juice and a face/hand wipe. The staff were very helpful, professional an spoke good English. They had a free small shuttle bus that transported people to the nakula beach and main stretch of road with bars/restaurants etc (free of charge). The rooms were a little dated but consisted of a big comfortable bed and big balcony area. The bathroom was big an clean however the shower was not very effective! (Too strong and sprayed everywhere). The breakfast was a buffet. It was fantastic. It also had a clean, large outdoor swimming pool which was brilliant. Overall this was our best accommodation to date!! Would and will definitely recommend this accommodation!! 9.5/10






MT room

This hotel was situated approx 5km from Don Mueng (DM) airport. We paid 800 baht per night and stayed one night (this was approx £16). The room was literally a small room on the 5th floor of a large residential block of apartments (95% of which were occupied by locals) the room was extremely basic, bed was rock solid and bathroom was ridiculously small. We chose this hotel due to the location and were told that the family who owned it were very friendly and helpful when it came to booking taxis to the airport. We were told the night previous by the owner that the taxi to the airport would cost 80 baht and definitely no more than 100 baht, however the following morning he insisted we paid 250 baht as the taxi man had to get out of his bed (4.40am and not our problem). We were told that it also had a gym which it didn’t. Overall we did not enjoy our experience here and found the staff to be quite rude and rooms extremely basic and stupidly overpriced. 1/10




The legacy hotel. The hotel was located approx 1km from the city centre. We paid 840,000 dong for 2 nights including breakfast (approx £12 per night). The hotel was very modern, clean and staff had very good English. The room was great it had the biggest bed i have ever seen, was clean and had a big bathroom. The buffet breakfast in the morning was fantastic and had a wide spread,traditional Vietnamese breakfast, continental breakfast, omelettes, etc. The only negative thing I would say was that when trying to find out information about trips etc we found that the hotel prices were almost double the price of the original fare. ( we found this out later that day for example one night cruise of ha long bay was 230 dollars, for both with hotel and we got it for 130 dollars for both) overall u would recommend this hotel. 8.5/10



Dragon pearl white cruise. This cruise boat departed from halong bay and cruised around the many islands before docking at the cat ba Islands the following day. This cost approx 2,200,000 dong ( including return transport to and from hanoi to halong bay, 1 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner and activities such as entrance fees into caves, on to cat ba island, kayaking) The boat was very old and battered. The cabins were ok however were very cold, had no hot water and no towels were provided. The food, which was included was very repetitive and often served cold. Drinks were not included and very expensive (in comparison to mainland). The staff were not very friendly and never smiled once and had poor level of English. Overall I would not recommend a stay here (I would recommend a day tour would suffice) 3.5/10



Cat ba island

Cat ba island resort and spa (4star). This hotel was located approximately 0.5 km from the centre of cat ba town. The hotel cost approx 2,600,000 dong for two nights inclusive of buffet breakfast (approx £38 a night). The hotel had 2 large outdoor swimming pools, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room, a private beach and much more. The staff were friendly with relatively good English. The breakfast was fantastic.the room were a good size, clean and had a breathtaking balcony sea-view. The only negative thing I would say was that the hotels washing facilities are extremely expensive and if you need this service you can get it in cat ba town for literally a tenth of the price! Even though the weather was cold and we didn’t get to use all the facilities and given that it was above our budget we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would definitely recommend this hotel. 8.5/10



Thien than friendly hotel. We checked in here for 2 nights which cost us approx 325000 dong a night including breakfast ( this is approx £9 a night). The hotel was located approx approx 0.5 km from the main eating, drinking area and about 1km from the ancient city. The bedroom and bathroom was very clean and tidy although was a little smaller in size. The breakfast was buffet style and was very good with a large variety of food from fresh fruit to omelettes. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. Also we noticed that the owner of the hotel ( a small Vietnamese man in his 40s/50s) was always around ensuring staff provided excellent customer service. TV in room also had a good variety of English speaking movies available. 8.5/10

Hoi An
Ha anh home stay. This was a little different from our usually accommodation as it was a home stay (staying in a family home). We paid approx 460000 dong for this room which included breakfast ( this is approx £13). It was located approx 2km into the town centre. The home stay provided bikes to commute, free of charge. The room was reasonable size although the bed was quite hard. Also there was no window in the room and there was a terrible smell coming from the bathroom. The staff were reasonably helpful although their English was quite weak. The breakfast in the morning was poor to say the least. 4/10


Nha trang
Sun city hotel. This hotel was approx 450000 dong per night with breakfast included. ( approx £12.50 per night) this hotel was perfectly located. It was a stones throw away from the beach and main eating and drinking areas. The rooms were tater unique as in the toilet had a huge window which meant when you were sitting in the toilet you were facing the bed. However to our delight there was a blind. The room was clean, tidy and again the bathroom was the same. The tv also boasted a lot of English speaking movies. The buffet breakfast was situated on the top floor (12) which had an incredible view. The breakfast was reasonable. The staff we spoke with had good English and customer service skills. The only drawback about this hotel was that there was a new hotel getting built, attached to, ours there from 7am to 5pm there were kango drills drilling into the building which made it shake and literally impossible to speak to anyone. Apart from this we enjoyed our stay. 7/10



Siam reap

Avie moriya hotel

This hotel was in the heart of Siam reap. It cost us approx $25 per night including a basic breakfast! The guy who owns this hotel was so so friendly (Luca). The hotel itself was only a 5 minute walk on to the main strip for bars clubs restaurants shopping etc. The room we had was very big and spacious with a small bathroom. However I would recommend this hotel as Luca (the owner) was very friendly! All in all a good stay, wish we had of stayed here longer really! 8.5/10



Koh samui

Baan Suan sook

This was our first stop in koh samui we stayed here for 3 nights which cost approx 850 bath (£17 a night) On arrival in the sweltering heat (35+ degrees) we were greater by a lady at the reception who was not very helpful and blatantly quite rude. The rooms were quite big and clean. The swimming pool at this hotel was a 5-10 min hike up basically a vertical hill climb however when we were there it was quite nice. We found it to be quite a long journey to the infamous chaweng beach everyday in the blistering sun. All in all we didn’t overly enjoy our say here. 6/10


Amarin samui hotel

This was a grand hotel close to a quieter part of samui near Mae nam beach. We paid approx 850 bath for this hotel a night (approx £17) The hotel staff were very friendly and helpful at all times. The hotel also had a roof top pool and a gym which we could use at any time! All of which was very nice and maintained very well! The rooms were very nice both the bedroom and bathroom! All rooms had tea and coffee making which was a bonus! Also they had a DVD rental service which we could use for free at any stage with well over 200 DVDs to choose from! We also rented scooters from the hotel at a very reasonable price of 200 baht per day! We really enjoyed our stay here and would defo recommend it for someone staying in this area again ! 8.5/10




Koh phanang

Lime and soda resort

We booked into this resort for 3 nights costing us approx 850 baht (£17) On arrival we received complimentary drinks and were taken straight to our bungalows. The bungalows were quite basic however the hotel setting was sensational. The pool and bar area was at the front of the hotel with a spectacular view of the sea. The water was approx 15 metres from the edge of the resort and the sunsets here were immense! We got breakfast here ( which was not included) which was a 180 baht (approx £3) per person for a buffet (good selection). To the main walking street with bars food shopping etc was a 15-20 minute walk away! However we hired out a bike from a local man so it didn’t take long! All in all we really enjoyed this resort and it was here we probably relaxed the most! All in all I would defo recommend it for anyone visiting!!! 8/10



The sun bungalows

We stayed here for 3 nights costing us 850 baht per night. These were small and very basic bungalows with bed and toilet/shower facilities. These bungalows were approx 2 km from the main strip /beach/bars etc. however the staff in this place were without doubt the nicest, most friendly and accommodating people I have ever met. They taxied us (for free) ever single day and night to the beach and then back down for dinner always with a smile on their face. Also during this stay we went to visit koh phi phi for the day and on our travels we came back missing a towel, belonging the bungalows, and they did not blink an eye at it and said that these things happen. Also the owner (rit) and his wife (on) introduced us to all their family including grandparents! Although there was no breakfast included they recommended a nearby bakery for breakfast every morning (probably one of the highlights of my trip so far weirdly) all in all this was a great stay, although it wasn’t the most fancy of bungalows or in the best location the staff alone made up for that in abundance!! DEFO recommend this 8.5/10



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