The drive to Canberra wasn’t too bad but we left quite late on in the morning so we arrived about 4 into Canberra… Just as everything was shutting… Yes it might be the capital but a sleepy capital! After a bit of confusion we got into the hostel (last night woooo in a hostel bed!!) and checked into a very very quiet hostel. We then ventured into the centre to meet a friend of Fergals.

We then had a quick wander around a shopping mall before heading up black mountain tower. By this point it was pretty dark outside but the views were still good looking out over the huge spread of the city of night was cool. We all felt like we’d actually seen something in the city after, it was a good achievement for so late on in the day.





That evening we all bought food we really fancied and cooked a banquet before chilling in the quiet hostel…. I think we were near enough the only quests.


The next morning we were up and away to do our longest drive yet to our final destination!


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