I know it’s taking me ages to do these last few posts, sorry!
Sydney, it was a long enough drive from port Macquarie to Sydney and on the way we stopped in Newcastle. Newcastle was literally 1 Main Street with a few shops and cafés on and that was it. We ate are picnic in the sunshine before heading to a really cute cafe for coffee and yummy milkshakes.




We arrived into Sydney late afternoon. It was looking pretty dull but luckily not raining yet. We were staying with a friend of Fergals who lives on the 9th richest street in the world and the richest in Australia! Whilst waiting for him we wandered around the street looking at all the big houses and finding this view…


After we had dumped our stuff, chatted and orientated ourselves we headed out in the pouring rain to have some tea in china town! It was good but no where near as good as the one in Brisbane. Very tiredly we walked around the Chinese markets after … In the rain until we couldn’t hack it anymore and went to wait for a bus back.

The following morning still looked dull but there wasn’t any rain. We walked round the bay to the boat house where we got a boat across to central Sydney. From the boat you are meant to be able to see fantastic views of the harbour bridge and the skyline… This is what we saw…


The heavens had opened. Arriving into the central harbour we asked around what to do and made the bad decision of going on the hop on hop off bus tour. To start we were able to sit up top (the rain was holding off) and some of the information was pretty interesting. We hopped off at kings cross and wandered around. By night this area is known for it’s red light district but in the day it’s a place to be seen. This is when the rain came down again and we huddled in some shelter waiting to get back on the bus.


Our next stop on the tour bus was the opera house! In the pouring rain!



The problem with the tour bus and rain is that when you sit downstairs you can’t see anything! So we were finding the tour pretty rubbish. At one point we did try to sit upstairs but the umbrella got blown broken and we were getting drenched! We hopped off again at The Rocks. Here there was a really cool unique market amongst the cobble streets. We ate lots of delicious food and looked around.




After we headed out to the shopping area as Fran and I were dying to look around some shops. It was really good shopping but our rucksacks couldn’t take much more!

That evening we got dressed up and headed out. Fran and I went to meet a friend of mine that took us to some really cool places in the city. Fergal went to a Irish bar.. Typical. On our way home we found him wandering the streets alone, crazy!





The next day we headed out to a rainy bondi beach to meet some friends. We dined in a lovely restaurant right next to Gerard butler! (Not that I know who that is… Ps I love you guy I think). After we walked along the beach. We all admitted we weren’t as impressed with bondi as we thought we would be but the weather might have had something to do with it!


We then went round to watsons bay. It was lovely here very picturesque. We walked along the gap. It’s called this because there is a hugeeee drop on one side and people used to come here to take their lives. The views were breath taking and very dramatic.





When we finally got home we were shattered and all slept for last few hours of the afternoon. That evening we chilled out with food and a TELLY!! On a sofa, something Fergal and I had really missed.

We enjoyed Sydney but have all said we need to come back when the weather is much better.


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