Port Macquarie

This was used as a stop over on the way to Sydney as Byron bay to Sydney is a huge journey!

We arrived mid afternoon and it was drizzling but as we were only there for a night we soldiered on and went to find the arboretum. There were koala bears, snakes and hundreds of bats residing along the board walk.

We then walked down to the beach. There are some really cool painted rocks here which random people who have visited the area have painted… Sadly we didn’t have the time or the resources to paint one ourselves.





After we jumped onto the free tour to see the kangaroos that the hostel offered. For some reason every night at dusk lots of kangaroos jump on over to a local golf course to feed. Sadly we got there just after the sun had gone down and we could just about see the outline of the roos!

To cheer us up little France treated us all the dominoes (which is amazing and so much better than England!) and we got some other naughty treats of cookies and chocolate.

After eating pizza we lounged in the hostels TV room making friends with people from all over the world… That’s been one of the best things about traveling, the people you meet and the stories and advice you share. Without realising we managed to stay chatting for about 4 hours, waaay past my bedtime.

The following morning we were packed up and away early to head to Sydney… In the rain!


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