Byron bay

The whole way along the coast people had been raving about Byron Bay and how laid back it was. We arrived late with the rain and the gloomiest looking clouds. However, after our terrible experience at bunk we had made sure we had lovely, private accommodation! Well worth the extra money.

After doing our expert unpacking routine (that Fran, probably, rightly so doesn’t participate in as we’re always leaving again in a couple of days but it makes Fergal and I feel better) we headed out to look at the huge stretch of beach. It looked pretty dramatic with the weather.

After we ventured into the small but really cute town to do a shop before heading back and cooking a feast! We had been warned that Byron bay was quite a hippy chilled place but I wasn’t prepared to see so many people in net flared trousers and no shoes! No one wore shoes anywhere, very strange.

We had the luxury of our own telly in our room so after our feast we headed back with cookies and feasted in front of the telly… I know not a very traveler thing to do but it’s the small luxuries you need sometimes. We also spent sometime this night trying to sort out CV’s and looking up jobs as Melbourne and the prospect of working was looming ever closer!

The following morning we were up early for breakfast and a big long walk along the huge beach. As we were up early we were able to take out the free bikes! We cycled through the town to the coastal path where we dismounted our bikes and hiked up to the most easterly point on the east coast and the lighthouse. It was a beautiful walk but not at a leisurely pace as the bikes had to be back within 2 hours of riding them off! Along the walk Fran was lucky enough to see a dolphin! I was very jealous. The views from along the walk we’re stunning as much of the east coast scenery is.







After returning the bikes from our mammoth cycle hike up, hike down and cycle back we chilled out on the beach. It was a great surfer beach with huge waves! We then had a wander around the cute town.



That night we treated ourselves to tea out in a cute local restaurant… Though being off chips for lent narrowed my decision down to one choice! We then walked round the very quiet and closed up town… Or so we thought until we bumped into a group of hippie people having a party/dance off on the corner of the street.



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