Noosa – Sunshine Coast

Arriving late and tired into Noosa we more or less unpacked and went to bed.

Waking up fresh the next morning we had breakfast, made a pack lunch and headed off in search of the National park. Much to Fran’s dismay we chose the longest route taking us all the way around the coast then heading back through the rainforest.





It was a lovely walk with many different view spots.

We sat on another deserted beach and ate lunch… This turned out to be a nudist beach… Luckily we were all pretty tired and slept through the naked people.


Once back at the car in the mid afternoon sun we decided to have a walk around Noosa town. Hands down one of the most beautiful towns we’ve seen but very well off. We had drinks and cakes watching a wedding before going back to base.

After cooking that evening we went back into Noosa to see it at night. There was a very lively bar full of your older and much richer people having a wild time with a pianist. The little town was just as lovely at night as in the day.







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