Hervey Bay

It was a long drive Airlie to Hervey bay so we had a one night stop over in Rockhampton but as we didn’t see much I’ll just add the picture below.

Arriving mid afternoon in Hervey Bay we checked into our dorm (it was nice woo!) then we headed off to do a quick shop before exploring the beach.

It was very quiet along the shops and restaurants. Fran and I decided to try somewhere yummy for tea instead of cooking.


The following day we chilled out on the deserted beach.


Then had a picnic lunch before walking along the beach to the pier. The longest pier on the east coast at 800m long. The sunset from the pier was gorgeous.



On the way back we decided to detour to see the botanical gardens, however as it was getting dark we couldn’t really see much past the entrance and were afraid of standing on the mass of frogs hopping around. This turned out to be a long detour and walking back to the hostel we were all tired and hungry. Tea was a mix up of whatever we had left over. Then we chilled out/fell asleep in the movie area.

We were up early the following day to go over to Fraser Island for the day. Possible my favouritist outting of Australia. This beast picked us up at 7:15am and took us over to the ferry.


Fraser Island is a national park, the whole island is made of sand, one of, if not the, biggest natural sand island. To get around it you have to travel on a huge bus/truck thing or 4×4. For some miraculous reason many trees and plants have been able to grow in the sand. Our first stop on our day tour of Fraser Island was the natural lake made from rain water. It was pretty chilly but absolutely gorgeous…


From here we drove across the island to central station. This use to be the area where they would mine the trees before the island was protected. Here we walked through a jungle vegetation…



After was an amazing spread for lunch before touring up and down the 75 mile beach! Here we saw coloured sand …


A ship wreck…



Another creek, which we walked all the way down…


And we even went in a tiny TINY plane and flew over the island seeing hidden lakes, butterfly lakes, Hervey Bay coast line, the ship wreck, sharks, rays and the trip previous to us had even saw a whale.





I have to admit that I hardly saw any of this as I am terrified of flying and felt it was such an achievement just to sit in a tiny plane for 15 minutes.


By the end of the day we were all shattered but our day didn’t end there as we were straight on the road to Noosa a little bit further south.


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