It was only a short drive Noosa to Brisbane but on the way we stopped at Australia zoo. This is the zoo Steve Irwin and family set up. It was a huge zoo but brilliant we saw lots of animals…




A crocodile show…



We got to feed the kangaroos…





And cuddle (stroke) kuala bears.





Fantastic day out and worth the $60 bucks. From here we drove into Brisbane our first big city. We were all excited to be in a city and nothing prepared us for what awaited us when we arrived at our hostel.

A rude lady checked us into the hostel come CLUB. A very loud already buzzing club at 4pm. She curtly told us there was no parking and to go and find some. Which we did after dumping our stuff in a smelly 8 dorm room. We were sharing this dorm with 3 boys who currently lived in the hostel and weren’t expecting to have to share their room.

After finding parking we reluctantly went back to the hostel to shower…. In the wee ridden shower… Homely to the boys living there.

As we didn’t overly like the hostel we headed to china town for a huge feed. It was a BYO so it would have been rude not too and since the club was in full flow back at the hostel we decided to stay out and try some of the very unique bars in Brisbane.
There was a rock come hunters bars and an upper class something bar…



We then tried to get into another bar but our card ran out of juice and we decided it was a alternative/gay bar and headed “home” instead. The boys were back… When snoring like a bear, another had brought someone home with him… Alongside the music pumping until 6am I don’t think we slept very well.

We slept in late and at about midday finally made it into the city. South bank was in the glorious sunshine with lots of to do people and families enjoying it. There was lots of restaurants to choice from, a huge lagoon to swim in and a unique market going along the river side. It was a brilliant afternoon and it soon changed are negative opinion of Brisbane.






That evening we cooked yummy teas and wandered the streets of Brisbane in search of milkshakes and cakes!


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