Townsville was our first stop on our journey down south. It was a long 4 hour journey which was actually going to end up being one of our shorter journeys.

Arriving in the pouring rain we checked in and found out what there was to do. We hopped back into the car and headed to the waterside to feed the turtles and go for a walk to stretch our legs.




hat evening we cooked a huge spaghetti bologense with garlic bread and an apple crumble for pudding! If the weather picked up, which it didn’t look likely to do, we were hoping to go over to magnetic island the following day so we had an early night in the freezing cold dorm… Freezing as when we first arrived the room of sweltering and we asked them to turn it down to 16degrees (all done at their main office we have no control) … The aircon goes on at 6pm and off at 8am…. I slept in trousers, Tshirt and a hoody and I still froze!

The following morning didn’t look promising to go over to magnetic island so instead we venture around the town centre, very cute and clean but also very quiet. We also looked around the marina then headed back to the strand. As we got there and to the beach the sun burst out making it a very hot day! Fran and I went and played on the free kiddies water park before joining Fergal on the very very quiet beach (we were the only ones there except the life guard!).

Just as the day was getting to it’s hottest point Fergal and I decided it was time to drag Fran up this monster…


After lots of huffing and complaining we all made it to the top to look out at the beautiful scenes of Townsville.



After making our way back down we were all very hot, bothered, sweaty and sunburnt so we hopped in the car back to the riverside where there was a hugeee free swimming pool we could jump into.

After all that sun Fran wasn’t very well so leaving her with a dominoes Fergal and I went out for a lovely burger tea and a wander around Townsville. Townsville is a quiet town but with lots of amenities and vibrance about it. We both decided it was a hidden gem and somewhere we could stay if it hadn’t of been so far away from home.



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