After two flights from Singapore to Oz we landed in a very dull and rainy Cairns. Our excitement for finding my little sister and being in Oz wasn’t dampened though and after dumping our stuff in our new surrounds (a dorm as Australia was far too expensive to carry on staying in hotels and there was the added person which hotels don’t always cater for) we headed off in our water proofs to find the little chicken egg!


After a happy reunion we went to find food as the silly little sister hadn’t eaten since arriving in Oz over 24 hours ago. We sat in the pouring rain eating pizza and deciding what our plan would be. After, we picked up her huge rucksack and took her to see her new home.

We spent the afternoon planning and sorting before going out for our FREE tea (drink had to bought prior). After, we walked along the strand (pathway by the beach full of parks, BBQ areas, swimming pools, gyms and lots of cool free stuff) back to the hostel for a well needed early night in our bunk beds.


The following day we had booked to go out to see the amazing Great Barrier Reef. Me being the sensible sister took some sea sickness before leaving… Those little sisters that didn’t found the boat journey out a very big sicky journey.

Under the water was amazing! It was so clear, peaceful and colourful. I’ve snorkelled before in Egypt and Fergal and I have done our own bits in Thailand but this was like nothing we’d ever seen before. There were huge clams, lots of nemos, bright blue starfish, huge strange fish, massive rainbow fish, tiny electric blue fish so much to see under the water. Seeing the reef was definitely a highlight of the whole trip…maybe not for Fran though as all she will always remember it for feeling extremely sick!


Again that evening we had our free yummy tea before heading to bed super early again at about 9pm!


On the Wednesday we picked our new wheels…


And headed off to find some of the natural beauty spots in Cairns. Our first stop was crystal cascades a huge beautiful waterfall. We stopped half way up to play in the waterfall pools until we saw a water snake. We then hurriedly carried on up until the top of the waterfall where we sat and had our first of many picnic lunches. We then carried on in the car to the rainforest in cairns. We wandered around the botanical gardens finding huge spiders, snakes and turtles. We then took a trail to the top of a mountain. We looked out at the view point onto the airport and watched as a couple quickly ran away after finding a snake slithering into their bag!





That evening we finally cooked our first home cooked food in 10 weeks! We had a chicken and bacon pasta salad and it was worth the wait. After we treated ourselves to ice cream whilst wandering around the very small, and completely different to Thailand, night market.


The following morning we were up early to start our 1800mile journey to Melbourne.


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