Airlie – Whitsundays

This was to be a weekend of drinking as Fergals friends were heading up to stay with us in a gorgeous fully kitted out apartment!

It was another 4 hour journey from Townsville to Airlie beach but completely worth it once we saw the beauty of the little town and the amazing apartment (wooooo no dorms for 2 nights) we were staying in.


Whilst Fergal was picking his friends up from the airport Fran and I were domestic goddesses putting washes on, putting everything away and then lounging by the pool.

Once everyone was assembled we headed into the town to book a cruise to see some of the 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays with a stop off at Whitehaven beach (one of the worlds top 5 beaches!). After booking we did a shop to feed the 5 thousand for the weekend and enough alcohol for a party of 10 (not complaining as we got to take the leftovers with us!).

The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting, drinking and eating until it got into the late evening when we all got ready and drank even more before heading off to see what Airlie had to offer.

Being with 2 Irish boys meant that the first stop was to an Irish bar that had cheap drinks and a really good live band on. We then headed to mama Africa’s which is a club with statues of wild animals about the place. The night ended with a not needed but had to be done stop at the pie shop and McDonald’s.

Feeling strangely refreshed the next morning we headed for our trip to the Whitsundays and Whitehaven beach. The beach was gorgeous different to any of the beaches we had been to and the island was completely uninhibited making it quiet and feel special. The sand was so fine it was like walking in flour and it squeaked when you walked over it. It was on this beach that my favourite photo of the trip was very cleverly taken…




After wading waist height through the clear water back on to the boat they fed us a yummy cream tea. We were all pretty silent for the trip home trying not to fall asleep.

A huge dominoes order was bought in for tea and our second night out was cancelled due to all of us being close to sleeping on the table.

Before heading off on our 7 hour journey to Rockhampton the next day we chilled out by the pool soaking up some last rays.


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