The airport is Singapore is huge and amazing so much to do!
After arriving very early from Bali we headed to the MRT (trams/under ground) to found our accommodation for the night. We were staying in dorms for the first time in the whole time traveling it was smelly dorms, but Singapore is so expensive even a dorm room was over budget!

The city is so clean and the transport so cheap and easy (defiantly get a tourist pass for the MRT lots cheaper) we found our hostel no problem. The concept of the beds was cool, double bed in your own capsule thing, but the whole sharing a room that size (26 beds!!) is a bit of a smelly nightmare.

After dropping our stuff off and getting a map we headed out to explore the city very tired tho. First stop was a huge shopping mall to find breakfast and for the first time in Asia we had to have a proper rice meal for breakfast!

We then wandered around the shops before heading out to the botanical gardens where we fell asleep. We did eventually, slowly wander around the gardens before heading back the dorm to sleep.


That evening we stayed in little India for some tasty Indian food. We then took the MRT out to the bay where we watched a really cool light show on the water. This is totally free and in a brilliant setting right on the bay amongst individual cafés, pubs and shops.




After a strange sleep in our dorm room we had a free traditional Indian breakfast of pancake with coconut and red sugar random but quite nice. We then took ourselves back out to the bay to see it by day light. After wandering around we treated ourselves to some retail therapy with the last of my birthday money. Not a very traveler thing to do but put a smile on our faces.



After managing to stuff everything into our rucksacks we took the looong MRT rideS back to the airport ready for our flight over to Oz!



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