Kuala Lumpur

As amazing and beautiful beaches and their small sea side towns are I was craving getting into a big city and wow is Kuala Lumpur a big city! We arrived very late into the humid and sticky night and headed straight to our hotel/hostel (after a 10 min haggle with the taxi man) to have a good sleep.
Once awake and cooled down we headed excitedly (as we love a good buffet breakfast) to find our hotel breakfast… We were sorely disappointed. The “dining room” was 1 big table with plastic chairs around it and breakfast consumed of ceral with warm milk or some stale bread with the cheapest jam the hostel could find. We made the best of it and learnt our lesson bringing bananas and chocolate spread for the following morning.

After our interesting breakfast we headed out into the huge city. We were staying in the popular part of china town and as soon as you left the hostel you were greeted by people trying to sell you something from their market stall. We kept our heads down and directed ourselves to the free bus stop to head to the Pertronas towers, these are Kuala Lumpur’s twin towers and are the tallest buildings in the city.


After navigating ourselves from the bus, through at least 1 huge and nicely cooled shopping mall,


masses of over road tunnels we made it to the towers to be told it was quite hazy from the top and they only had tickets left for late that evening. Knowing that we had a few days there we decided to leave the towers till when the weather was hopefully better. Instead we ventured around the Pertronas park….




Found an amazing sweet shop….



And worked out how to work the monorail system.

We thought it best that evening as we were staying in china town to try some of the street food. It was sooo good! Expensive enough (in compassion to Thailand street food) for street food but worth it! After we again broke the traveller code and did the very western thing of going to the cinema… We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as we had a pick a mix 🍭

The next day we were up early to get tickets to the towers and it was a much better day with clear blue skies! We joined the short queue about 11am and managed to get 2 of the last tickets for that day… However we had to wait till 6pm for our visit so we decided to venture out to the botanical gardens. This was a huge expanse of green land filled with exciting things to do such as a free flying bird park and there was a butterfly one, a water park, massive play park, orchid gardens, museums and a planetarium to name just the few things I can remember seeing. It was the best park I’d even seen although walking around it on a very hot and humid day was difficult… A Starbucks stop was definitely needed after!








That evening we got suited and booted (in traveler terms showered and put clean clothes on!) and headed up the towers. The security was very tight and it was a very structured tour but the views were amazing! The first stop was from the bridge 34 floors up ….


The second stop was on the 85th floor a mere 472metres above the ground!!!!



We ate in the popular street food area Jalan Alore before heading further down the Main Street to the bars and clubs… 44RM (£6) for 3 beers and girls drink free, pretty good deal!




The following day we checked out of the hostel and as we had to wait until the evening for our train to Singapore we ventured around the huge shopping malls eating yummy bits of food and window wishing.







Overall we both really enjoyed Kuala Lumpur and have both said we would love to come back with lots more money and staying in one of the glorious hotels!


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