We had heard so much about Krabi and it’s surrounding islands but as we were short on time we didn’t think we would make it. However we made a last minute decision to go to Krabi rather than Phuket and boy are we glad! We stayed round the bay from Krabi town in a place called An Nag. It was a really cute seaside town with so many yummy restaurants to try out. We stayed in a lovely little bungalow (I know we said no more but this was one grand) and the owners made us feel like we were at home. The bungalows were set a few kilometres from the beach amongst the limestone mountains but whenever we wanted to head into the town Rit or his wife On would give us a lift into the town.

We arrived into An Nog late afternoon so after checking in we chilled in the late afternoon sun before trying out some of the local restaurants!



On our second day we were up early to head over to the famous Phi Phi islands. Before leaving we ventured over to a local bakery for breakfast… It was like nothing we’d tasted yet on our travels, absolutely amazing! Phi Phi looked like paradise and exactly like the famous pictures you see everywhere advertising Thailand and it’s islands. We wandered around the tiny cobbled streets, chilled on the beach (although it was far too hot!!) and snorkelled in the clear blue sea.





That night we ate an another delicious restaurant and decided we would stay another night on An Nag as it was so beautiful.

On our last full day we had another gorgeous breakfast from the bakery, chilled out in the mountain gardens at our bungalow before heading down to the beach. Fergal’s not had much luck with the pavements in Thailand and more than once has nearly found himself face down on the uneven pavement. Today was another one of these infuriating (for Fergal) funny (secretly for me) trips but this time in ended up with a lot of toe blood and a trip back to the bakery for home made chocolate brownies and coffee as a cheer up!

Again that evening we ventured down to the sea front for some yummy food from the sea! We had a few drinks afterwards watching an amazing live band!




The following day was a long day waiting around for buses and aeroplanes to take us to the next part of our adventure… Malaysia!



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