Koh Samui

After doing lots of touring about and moving from place to place quickly we were so excited and relieved to be staying somewhere for a few days and it was going to be near a BEACH!! However, we had to get there first. We left Siem Reap at 730am on a bright Thursday morning heading for the dreadful Thai border crossing. We read and heard that this border crossing could take hours and be costly due to the bribes paid to the authorities and police. We must have caught them on a good day as we were through quite quickly (hour and a half approx) with all our money still. It was waiting for a Thai mini bus to take us to the capital that took hours (or so it felt). We were being presumptuous hoping to make the last train or bus out of Bangkok to Koh Samui at 730pm. We only arrived into Bangkok at 730pm. Tired, sweaty and a bit fed up we dragged our bags through the throngs of people near Koh San road to hopefully find some accomodation. On the off chance we stopped at a travel shop and asked about buses to Koh Samui…
There was one leaving in an hour woo! We had a quick naughty tea of McDonald’s then headed to the bus. We had now been traveling for 14 hours. The bus journey was uneventful and we arrived at the ferry port just before 6am on the Friday morning (23 hours traveling). From the port Koh Samui was the last stop and by the time we dragged ourselves and bags onto the last taxi we were shattered. We arrived at the hotel about 1230pm a whole 29hours after we started our journey. It was hot! After being checked in by a very grumpy lady we made the walk down to the beach very hungry but eager to see the beach. It was gorgeous …

Very busy but gorgeous. We ate on the beach front and made our way slowly back to the hotel pool to chill out.
At night the town of Chewang was alive and busy with many restaurants, bars and clubs. Though we have to admit that first night we were in and out of the town very quickly and into bed before 9.30pm (remember the 29hours of traveling and not much sleep).

The following day we spent the day at the beach snorkelling and sun bathing. The sea was crystal clear and having the snorkel made it so much fun seeing what was underneath.

When it got too hot we went and found a Starbucks and looked through the many shops.

That night we planned to have some food and a few drinks. We made it to a huge arena turned club but the music was terrible so after recommendations we headed to green mango which was a brilliant upbeat club.


Feeling tired and a bit fragile the next day we headed to the beach to snorkel and catch some rays…. The rays turned out to be too hot and we quickly ventured indoors for food and drink.


That evening we had a banquet of yummy BBQ food and milkshakes!

We decided that we wanted to see more of the island and so on our 4th day on koh Samui we ventured to a quieter beach called Mea Nam. It certainly was A LOT quieter but it a good way. The hotel we were staying at was amazing with a roof top pool and an extensive DVD list we were happy. On our second morning we hired a bike and found a lovely bakery for breakfast. We spent some time on the beach before touring round the island, we spotted the big Buddha, fisherman village, some gorgeous secluded beaches and some huge hotels. That evening we took a freshly made picnic from the bakery to the beach and ate under the stars… Very clichĂ© but a highlight of the trip.






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