Siem Reap

For such a small place the energy and good vibes that pub street gave off made us instantly like Siem Reap. After another long(ish in comparison) bus journey we arrived tired and hungry to our lovely guest house. We didn’t venture far but just to get some food and nosey about. Tuktuk’s drivers prey on quiet travellers and holiday makers here and they pounce on punters consistently! We watched a couple leave a restaurant and be harassed by at least 8 tuktuk drives we thought someone had been hurt or something!
The following morning, after a good long rest, we had a tiny but small complimentary breakfast before going off to find the temple ruins of Angkor Wat (one of the wonders of the world… In the extended list). We hired a tuktuk for the day ($15) and the guy took us to all the main temples. It was pretty amazing, these temples were built in the 13th century… That means there… 800 years old! Angkor Wat itself was very busy but venturing through the quieter temples you could really get lost.






One of the temples is nicknamed the tomb raider temple as this was where tomb raider was filmed!! This temple had been left to it’s own devices and trees have actually grown through the ruins, absolutely amazing!





After visiting 7 temples in the scorching heat we were templed out and the tuktuk man took us back to the hotel… We were black with dirt as the temples were very dusty and it was so hot. After showering we ventured down to pub street to get some food and have a few drinks… I actually had 1 alcoholic drink wooo. The first since the terrible hangover in Hanoi.

The following morning we were up early to catch our first of many buses to travel 725(ish) miles to Koh Samui urghh this turned out to be a 30 hour journey!



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