Ho Chi Minh City

Nha trang to Ho Chi Minh was only meant to be a short(ish) day trip except our bus driver decided to take the reeeeeeally long route. Finally arriving about 9pm (started at 745am!) we tried to check into our hotel but were told they had over booked and we’d have to stay in their sister hotel across the road… It was okay another room without a window and a rattling old air condition system but it had a bed and a boiling hot shower. Since we were only having 2 nights in HCM we knew that the following day we wanted to go on a tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels so we were very productive on our first night and booked that and a bus to Cambodia and found a brilliant western restaurant before heading to bed.
On our only full day in the city we went to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. These are intertwining tunnels on 3 levels under the ground running through the city and surrounding areas even going as far as Cambodia. These tunnels were used by the Vietnamese in the war against the Americans to hide themselves and trap the Americans. They’re very tiny tunnels that the smaller Vietnamese people knew by heart. It was a brilliant tour and we even got to go down one of the tunnels that had been widened for us westerners to fit our large frames through!




After the tunnels we went back into the city and to the war memorial museum which was very much one sided but opened our eyes to the horrors of what the Vietnamese had to go through in the war.
That evening we broke the traveler rule and did something very normal and went to the cinema to see the Lego film… It was brilliant! And strangely enough we weren’t the only westerners in the cinema.
On our final morning we wandered round HCM city stumbling upon some very western shops! HCM was a huge and busy city but rich with history and a place well deserving of a stop.






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