Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a popular beach town along the coast of Vietnam. It’s not so popular with backpackers as it is with Russians! We arrived at the ridiculous hour of 630am and obviously couldn’t check in till 2pm!!! Tired and hungry we found food (Heinz baked BEAN on toast, yay to the bean tho) and lay on the beach before formulating a plan to keep us awake till check in. Nha Trang didn’t have a lot to offer except the beach but with it being very cloudy we needed something else to do. So we walked 4km to some famous rocks… That weren’t all that eventful and were so expensive (for looking at rocks) that we went to the cafe next door and saw them from the balcony. We then walked a further couple of km’s to a pagoda built around 781, pretty impressive. Super tired and hungry for lunch we then had to walk the looooong 6km journey back. Luckily we found food on the way and when we finally made it back to the hotel we could check in.
On our second we were up early (couldn’t have slept in anyway as the hotel next door started drilling at 630am!) and made our way to Vinpearl island. Vinpearl island is an amusement park on an island off Nha Trang. It has a water park, a theme park, an arcades room, 4d cinema, dolphin show and a huge aquarium! After befriending a Spanish girl the three of us headed into the park hoping for sunshine. The sunshine didn’t come out but we still had such a good time although we were all absolutely exhausted on the cable car back over to reality land.











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