Hoi An

So far Hoi An has been our favourite place (closely followed by Pai). When arriving in cold Vietnam we’d decided that we wouldn’t visit Hoi An as we wanted to get to the warm as quick as we could. However after hearing so many people rave about it we decided we’d stop a night. We left wishing we were staying another night. Hoi An translates to lantern town and at night the whole town is lit up beautifully with handmade silk lanterns. Hoi An looked more developed than other towns we’d been in as there has been a clear effort to make the old town look presentable and it’s paid off. Wandering around the cobbled streets looking into the shops you could loose a couple of hours. There were so many yummy places to eat, colourful fresh fruit and vegetable markets, hand made dress and suit shops (not pushy like Bangkok and at such a reasonable price) and chilled out bars by the river. Before realising how beautiful Hoi An was we did have a disagreement with the bus company we were moving on with the following day as they didn’t have room for us on the bus, which would have meant another day in Hoi An, but as (at the time) we were adamant we were leaving the next day half of our first day was used up sorting that. On our second day we cycled the 4km journey to the beach. There wasn’t a glorious sun filled beach that greeted us but dark skies and huge waves crashing onto the shore line. The sand was blown around us and pelted our legs. It was brilliant. An extreme weather form and we spent ages just watching it (we weren’t the only crazy fools!). After we cycled back and wandered around lovely Hoi An before getting on another sleeper bus to our next destination… Luckily the sleeper bus was so much better than the last, wifi and everything!









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