Ha Long Bay

I’m not good on boats in general but with a horrific hangover it’s not even really worth thinking about. After waking up 20minutes late for our pick up time we stuffed everything we could into our rucksacks and ran downstairs and luckily managed to hop onto our bus heading for the magnificent Ha Long Bay. It wasn’t until we caught our breath that we realised how hanging we were. Looking down we also realised we were both still in clothes we had gone out in and also slept in. The 3 hour bus journey to the harbour in an over crowded bus was literally a nightmare. We then boarded a boat that was to be our home for the night!! The boat was old, cold and untrustworthy. We ate some pretty rank food whilst looking out at the huge lime stone islands that were dotted in the water before disembarking at a cave. We must have looked like the mardiest couple ever not talking to each other, not joining in with others and walking like zombies around the cave. On returning to the boat we were able to check into our tiny cold cabins and sleep for a while. We managed to socialise over another “delicious” meal and retired to bed quickly after tea. Luckily the water is so calm in the bay you don’t realise your on a boat … It would have been a disaster if it was swaying the whole night.
Feeling really disgusting the following morning (boat had no shower! We did finally change our clothes though) all we wanted to do was get off and find out beautiful 4 star hotel we’d treated ourselves to on Cat Ba island. The boat literally dumped us on the island the furthest point away from the town centre. Luckily there was another German couple in the same situation and after haggling with the only local taxi for about an hour we came to a decent price to take us down the only road Cat Ba has to the town.








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