Cat Ba island

Arriving in the town it was like a ghost town. Hardly anything was open and there was no one about. Low/cold season is clearly not the time to visit Cat Ba island. We checked into our hotel (which boasted two swimming pools with two amazing twirly wirly slides sadly too cold to use) and looked out at the view. We hired a scooter for the day and traveled the 1 road island to see a cave used as a hospital in the war and also the national park. After nearly being eaten by dogs we climbed to the highest point and looked out at the breath taking views. On the evening we finally had showers (yes we were stinking) and had some really good western food.
Being valentines day the following day we had a huge breakfast, chilled and watched the notebook before walking along the coast and then spending the afternoon kayaking and playing on the beach (in the freezing cold still).
We were up early the following morning to start out journey back to Hanoi then onto Hue. 42 people were crammed onto a 16 seater bus to take us back to the boat. Luckily we were able to appreciate the boat journey this time but the food was still rank.
We are now currently on our 26th hour of traveling from Ha Long Bay Hue, very numb bums and hungry tums!












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