Lively, loud, Ladyboys, seedy and ladies of the night are just some of the carefully chosen words we’d use to describe Pattayas walking street (like a Malia or Zante strip… But mixed with Amsterdam). It was definitely an experience staying here… We were checked in by a ladyboy and then on our first night we wandered down to the beach front and the walking street. It was a very silent and shocked walk between Fergal and I, mouths wide open, eyes staring everywhere. It is honestly like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The beach is lined with Palm trees and under each palm tree and between each palm tree is a lady or a group of ladies/girls/ladyboys/gay men just waiting. Then when you make it into walking street they aren’t just in waiting instead they’re grabbing any male they can find trying to drag them into the gogo bar! Walking around Pattaya on our first night I felt like I had to hold Fergals hand as they could smell the fresh meat of a new male! I made the mistake on our second night of not taking hold of his hand after a few drinks down walking street and a palm tree lady grabbed him and told me to jog on home without him!
After the shock of seeing loud, bright Pattaya it was actually quite sad to see that so many girls (old and young) felt they had to make their money this way. We were quite glad to be only spending a couple of nights here.
In the day light the beach looked ermmm glorious, blue sea, yellow sand dotted with lots of rubbish and dirt… This at night turned into a rodent restaurant with mice and rats gorging on whatever they could find left on the beach!
This central part of Pattaya is a big holiday resort for all ages from Eastern Europe, it must be like their Benadorm!
After 2 days of central Pattaya we gladly moved to the northern area to a proper hotel away from the “lively” Pattaya strip. The hotel was gorgeous and we were able to relax and enjoy the sun for a few days. We got a boat over to one of the islands and spent the day playing in the clear blue sea and on the white sands, not a mouse or rat in sight! We ate lots of good food and for the first time in 3 weeks just didn’t do very much. It was needed, being on the go consistently and always moving around, as amazing and lucky as it is, it’s hard not having a sense of place and a few chill days. Don’t get us wrong we know we’re so lucky to have this opportunity instead of slogging away in rainy England.
That’s it for Thailand part 1 we’re off to Vietnam on a Monday!


















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