Phitsanluk is only an hour away from sukhothai and on researching it we found many people saying it was worth a stop over. So we went… It’s bigger than sukhothai as it’s a proper city but not much there! They clearly don’t see tourist very often, or tourists as white as us (even with our tans building up nicely) and we got some amount of stares. We checked into a lovely hostel, which was more like a hotel, and asked what to do. There were temples or a museum. We went for the museum option as we’d seen lots of temples (like our churches they’re everywhere). After a couple of miles walk we arrived at this tiny but relatively busy museum. At this point we were tired, hungry and hot and down to our last 150 thai baht (about £4.50). There were no cash points or restaurants around so with our last bit of money we went into the museum. It was okay, not overly exciting though for 2 25 year olds. It had good English explanations of how thai people live e.g capture animals, grow food, build houses etc but not really for us. Stranded with no cash we headed off on the long walk back to the hostel. On finding a cash point we ate in a 7eleven (our Tesco extra) and went back to our (ant infested) room (we did tell the hostel and they sorted in very quickly). On the evening we had some food at the hostel restaurant (woo western food!). It was good food and they had a live band. In Thailand they bring food out when it’s ready so we’d ordered onion rings to start with, 2 spaghetti dishes and chips to share. So the order came out with chips first, 1 main, after that was finished, onion rings and then finally the 2nd dish. Crazy system. After eating we went to find the night bazaar as we’d heard really good reviews. After walking for 10 minutes and getting stared out by local people waking or driving by we came to a dark road with not much on it… It was at this point we decided we’d seen enough night bazaars and we wouldn’t bother with this one!
Phitsanluk was so exciting the following picture is the only one I took!



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