After a 5 hour journey from Chiangmai (over night stop in Chiangmai, Doyle very poorly so we had McDonald’s for tea, yay!!) and nearly getting left at a service station, we arrived in a very sleepy looking town of Sukhothai (the new town). We checked into our second bamboo hut (urghhhh) and went for a walk. There was literally nothing there. Not even a single clothes shop or brikbrac shop to pass the time in. We ventured back and stopped at a restaurant named ‘poo restaurant’… It was okay just more (pooey) rice and noodles (sorry but rice and noodles for breakfast, lunch and tea gets a bit much). We then decided that as there was little to do in the new town and too late on in the day to go to the old town we would hunt down a swimming pool. Found a gorgeous hotel that let us use their pool and we stayed there for the afternoon just chilling, only the second time we’ve chilled since arriving in Thailand and it was badly needed. After showering and stuff we had some food and wandered to find the night markets… These consumed of 4 or 5 stalls of fruit and vegetables. Disappointed we walked back to the huts and watched a film in their movie area.
Woke up on the second morning to find I (lorna) was covered with red tiny bumps… Had slept in bed bug infestation. They must have had a glorious feast on me! Trying to forget about the itchiness we went to the old city to explore the ruins. We hired a bike and an audio tour and off we went. The ruins were fascinating, an old Buddhist city left quite well preserved. After cycling around for a good 4 hours we headed back, showered etc and went to the chopper bar for some food. Good food and drinks and an Irish couple we’d met earlier joined us for a session, Sukhothai style… A 1 bar town.













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