We have spent our first few days traveling and survived woo! We have visited many temples, seen lots of Buddhist, tried some strange food and drink concoctions, had a lot to drink on kao San road, watched a ping pong show (you only ever need to do this once scarred for life!), had some crazy rides in tuktuks, been taking into “my uncles suit shop” twice, seen a floating market, bargained prices, met some cool Italians and Americans, went to the sky bar (hangover 2), actually spent time lying by a pool (all be it a few hours) and just generally experienced as much as we can! Off now up to Chiangmai to see elephants, white water rafting, see temples and beautiful scenery. Hopefully it smells a lot better than Bangkok!








3 thoughts on “Bangkok!

  1. Hey guys, looks amazing!
    Sounds like you really are keeping busy and experiencing the local culture. To say I am a tad jealous would be an understatement.
    Looking forward to the next blog.
    Lots of love
    Ciara xx

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